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Leadership Development

We support leaders throughout their careers as they travel from first time supervisor to corporate executive

We find there are three pivotal times when working with leaders always benefits the person and the organisation.  These are:

New Leaders
When people move from being individual contributors to organising the contribution of others.

Executive Performance
When people have to put aside management thinking and adopt executive thinking as the CEO's team.

Leaders transitioning into new roles
When leaders and organisations go through the risky period of role transition and its impacts.

In addition to these pivotal times, we also help organisations with ongoing capability and performance development for their leadership teams.

We offer our clients this service in a range of ways, including individual or team coaching, training and development programs aimed at strategic or operational leadership levels, and on the job development as we do situational analysis with leaders and their teams.

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Team Development

We help teams find new ways to improve their performance and engage their customers

Organisations are people making decisions about what they do.  Investing in systems and technology is the easy part of improving organisational performance.  Getting the most from people, their thinking, commitment and actions, is the ongoing investment of a high performing organisation.

There are several ways we approach team development, depending on the needs of the teams, the available opportunities and the organisation's priorities.  These are:

Building Productivity
Here the emphasis is helping teams focus on how they can organise themselves to create value, engage stakeholders and maximise productivity and innovation.

Improving Team Work Life
Here the emphasis is on building the wellbeing and interpersonal dynamics of the team, helping members function well with each other and other stakeholders

Reinforcing Positive Culture
This approach helps teams to identify the assumptions and norms that hinder or help their team to perform, both internally and with stakeholders

Renewing Teams Under Stress
This is an intervention approach to help teams in crisis move on and develop practical solutions to get back on their feet.

Depending on the situation, we have a range of resources and profiling tools that we can draw on to help the team formalise and deepen its understanding of itself.  These help team members build and use common concepts and language to address current and future issues.

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Peer Development

With our help people take responsibility for creating solutions rather that waiting helplessly for the organisation to fix it

Peer development differs from leadership and team development.  The focus of peer development is to increase the capacity of people in your organisation for sharing their skills, knowledge and experience to increase the capability of others.

There are three main approaches we start with.

Occasional Trainer Training
This short training program helps people understand the dynamics of training their peers.

Work Positive Processes
Based on processes developed by the Scottish NHS, this process facilitates peer leadership to find ways to develop a better workplace.

Business Improvement Think Tanks
Using tight, facilitated processes, the think tank process brings people together to analyses opportunities for improved operational performance.

The peer leadership role is important in other contexts as well and also features highly in our change management processes.

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Change Management

Our work helps organisations undergo major change with high participation and support by the people affected

The evidence is clear that the business benefits from projects correlate with the effectiveness of change management rather than project management.  Good project management is important but it is change management the determines whether people will get on board with the change the project creates.  Their support is important if people are to accept the change and work to maximise its benefits.

We help people with change in many areas.  The three most common are:

Machinery of Government and Mergers
We have successfully helped many people merge their functions and groups to create a healthy and productive organisation.

We have helped projects succeed in getting the buy in then needed for people to help increase the quality of the project and its benefits on the ground.

Our experience has helped many people adapt from old attitudes and practices to adopt healthier, more productive participation in work.

We bring a range of methods to help organisations through change, including training, coaching, project support and leadership guidance.

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Business Planning

We help teams and organisations to identify and focus on the next important steps they need to take for better outcomes.

Business planning takes place at two levels.  The most frequent is the business plan for teams and organisation.  The less frequent is the strategic plan to guide organisations into the future.  We bring experience, processes and resources to help you with both.

Most of the time the priorities and activities of a team or organisation are 95% the same from one year to the next.  What matters is finding the 5% that will make a difference.

Business Planning
Identify the burning imperatives and responsibilities to help the team and organisation succeed over the next year.

Strategic Planning
Analyse the long term trends in customer needs, technology, markets and culture to create a strong and prosperous future for the organisation and its stakeholders.

Tactical Planning
On the job action learning processes with leaders and teams to plan and implement solutions for emerging issues and difficult situations.

In all cases we help people understand their business from the customer's point of view.  At the end of the day it is the customer who decides whether you remain in business.

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We design processes that help clients discover critical insights into what makes them successful with their clients.

Everyday in an organisation is an opportunity to learn but some events, projects or incidents provide unique opportunities for organisations to accelerate their learning.  Our processes can aggregate the experiences and insights to make it easier for teams and organisations to find and implement improvements quickly.

Stakeholder Consultations
Learn about stakeholder experience and what is important for them to keep doing business with your organisation.

Service Delivery Reviews
Generate qualitative data from a range of customers and stakeholders to help you make decisions about service standards.

Situational Review
Conduct review seminars for your people to learn from key events, projects and incidents to improve systems and prepare people for future challenges.

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