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How you benefit from your relationship with us

Performance, Change, Wellbeing

When people want to improve performance, adapt to change or enhance the wellbeing of their teams, we are the ones who can help. Led by our consulting director, Paul Hegerty, we give your leaders personal support to help them clarify and respond to the needs and opportunities facing your organisation.

Supportive Partnership

We don't just deliver services. We think about you and how things can be better. Our clients get our confidential support and attention. We understand that leaders and professionals benefit from dedicated time to explore their concerns and opportunities. That's why you partner with us.

Help at all levels

We have worked extensively with teams at all levels of the organisation, from CEOs and executive teams through to front-line delivery teams. We go wherever you need us to go to help you. Teams, from the most enthusiastic to the severely cynical, from high performers to the sorely wounded, end up connecting with our approach and engaging in the opportunity for better productivity and wellbeing. Check out some of the feedback from the people we work with.

Focused on results

We are dedicated to getting results for you. We always have an eye on how you will be better off from our work together. We know that this an investment for you, in your people, customers and investors. Our goal is to build on the opportunities that help achieve your goals.

Clarity, people and solutions

We provide our clients with extra capacity when they are under pressure. Our clear thinking combined with great people skills gives you the extra boost you need to get important outcomes. We are flexible and adaptable, able to support a wide range of people and teams in need.

The Learning Centre
Visit our Learning Centre where our clients access resources to support their learning, projects and organisational processes. View some of our frameworks, Boost programs and model seminars and programs.

Grevillea Events
We offer occasional public workshops for when you cannot schedule an in-house program. View our Grevillea Events page at Eventbrite to see what's now available.

We are a Pre-qualified provider for Local Buy - Business Management Services (Contract: BUS 249-0115)

Our Consulting Director, Paul Hegerty, is a Fellow of the Institute for Learning Professionals

Working in the Organisational Development space

It can be hard for people to understand the role of organisational development because it is so complex and is involved in every part of the organisation. Often times it is only the CEO and senior executives who think in the organisational development space. At a local level some managers and supervisors initiate some aspects of organisational development for their teams.

Organisational development focuses on the organisation itself and its effectiveness and maturity.

All other strategic areas focus on parts of the organisation’s functions and resources. The diagram below illustrates how they link together.

Effective organisations do organisational development to integrate their activities, learn ways to improve and build a positive, sustainable and productive culture. This is what we help them do.

Grevillea Consultants - Where the personal value of a life well lived meets the corporate value of productivity

Our Philosophy

Organisations depend on their people. Productivity relies on wellbeing.

Supported by the evidence, we promote the partnership between productivity and wellbeing within organisations. This combination of good outcomes unites the corporate value of productivity with people's personal value of a life well lived. This is what we set out to enable within organisations. So we focus on the whole picture: the ability of people to make an organisation successful, creating value for stakeholders while living a satisfying work life.

This is what strategy, leadership and teamwork is about.

Our integrated approach is built on this foundation. Leadership, teamwork and organisational life is multi-disciplinary. So is our approach. We support people, leaders, planning, change, customer focus, innovation and the many pathways that lead to a more effective organisational life and sustainable performance.

Overall, we are results focused. Results are what organisations exist for. They are what give people a sense of achievement. They are what make a difference to you and your stakeholders.